The basic ideas of Waldorf Education

It is justified to speak of Rudolf Steiner’s art of education. In every kindergarten and school it is the educators and teachers who realise this art of education. Each kindergarten and school in each country has its own distinctive way of practicing this art of education. The conditions and circumstances vary from country to country and continent to continent and influence the ways in which this uniqueness can reveal itself. Nevertheless it is still possible to recognise that each Waldorf kindergarten and school is inspired by the same spirit.

The spirit is universal. When it is experienced by the human being it becomes individual. In spite of all differences, the emergent human being, the child is central.

There follows an article by Heinz Zimmermann, who was Leader of the Pedagogical section until 2001, in which he describes the foundations of Waldorf education in a range of themes.

published in:
Waldorf-Pädagogik weltweit, S.18ff
ed.: Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners e. V.
Weinmeisterstr. 16, D-10178 Berlin, 2001